App Smashing!



As part of our fiction unit, students were required to retell The Hungry Caterpillar story with a focus on sequencing the main events from beginning to end. I asked the class how they wanted to do this and as we have been loving Art Set recently it was no surprise that students wanted to use this. In Art Set we could create illustrations of the events but how would we show that we can sequence and retell these events? One clever cookie said “Let’s put the photos in Book Creator”.  Yay! Happy teacher moment! It was time for some App Smashing. App Smashing is when you create content in one app and then transfer it into a second or third app to enhance the final product. We have used both apps many times so most students were ready to give this a go by themselves. They used paints and textures to illustrate the main events from the story and then saved these pictures to their camera roll. They then inserted the pictures in sequential order in Book Creator and recorded their voices retelling the story. They exported it as a video and submitted it to me via the Showbie app for some teacher feedback! Check out some final products below.

The Hungry Caterpillar Retell (App Smashing) from Erin McNamara on Vimeo.

Hungry Caterpillar Retell from Erin McNamara on Vimeo.