Digital Citizenship

So always use our iPads for a range of projects but now that we are blogging online, researching using the internet and submitting work via Showbie, it was time to learn about online safety! Today we did our first lesson on Digital Citizenship and how to use the online world safely and appropriately.  We found out that it is similar to how we keep safe in the real world!

When you go to new places in real life we must:

  1. Stay with an adult.
  2. Not go off on our own.
  3. Only talk to people we know.

After watching a video about our ‘Online Neighbourhoods’, we found out three rules to follow when online. When visiting places online, we must:

  1. Ask an adult first
  2. Only talk to people that we know (eg. Miss McNamara on Showbie, or our family)
  3. Stick to places that are just right for us.

Watch what we found out here:

Digital Citizenship in Prep B from Erin McNamara on Vimeo.

Click the link below to see the video that we watched: