Recap on Week 2

We have finished yet another busy week. Here is what we have been doing…

Reading: This week we have focused on identifying the problem and solution in a fiction text and using this information to retell the story. We have also looked at summarising and the difference between retelling and summarising a story. When retelling we say the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end. When giving a summary we just say the main ideas in sequence. We used the structure ‘Somebody, wanted, but, so’ to summarise.


We also worked hard in our reading groups. Each day students participate in one group: reading with the teacher, targeted word work (phonological awareness), readers theatre (acting out a script), comprehension and iPads. Here is a short snippet of green group doing readers theatre this week..

Readers Theatre from Erin McNamara on Vimeo.

Mathematics: In math we have been looking at addition and worded stories. We have focused on using counters and drawings to solve addition problems. Our minor focus was time. We ordered events based on their duration.


CBL: In our ‘Environment’ topic we looked at different environments around the word such as the arctic, rainforests, the savannah and reefs. We used Showbie to label the environment and discussed what animals we thought would live there. Check Showbie on the students iPads to see their submissions.


Directed Discovery: In DD we started our investigations by discussing our interests and natural curiosities. There are 5 groups this term that are investigating space, aeroplanes, jungle habitats, money and flowers. We have asked questions and spent time researching answers.





The aeroplane group (Riaz, Devyan, Bailey, Jibriel and Harun) wanted to know “How do aeroplanes fly?” They found their answer by looking in books and on the internet. Heres what they found:

  • The top of the wings is round and the bottom is flat
  • Air pushes under the wings
  • There are jet engines
  • There is a tail to stop it from tipping
  • Planes go very fast to lift off the ground.

On Monday, they are going to use this new knowledge to design their own aeroplane!

Prep Breakfast: This week we also had lots of fun at the annual Prep breakfast! I was very busy cooking food so I unfortunately didn’t a chance to take many photos!

IMG_0662So that was Week 2! Ask your child about what they have been learning about or practise these skills at home.


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